Cancer cells

Cancer cells are the cells that acquired the ability of chaotic division and it is not possible to return them to their normal functions. The only method remaining is to treat them the same way as any foreign object that caused the disease, which is destroying them. Cancer cells live their own lives, regardless of the rules and regulations in the cell community and following only their own needs for persistent growth.

Cancer cells consume oxygen, but significantly less than the healthy ones. Cancer cells, just like the muscle cell may sense the lack of oxygen. As a result, we have the presence of the products such as lactic acid. Embryonic cells grow with the same pattern. Cancer cells appear in healthy tissue, where there is sufficient blood circulation but as soon as the healthy cells are beginning to become cancerous and there is a growing tumor, blood system is simply failing to sprout new formed tissue tumors.

Cancer cell electron microscope image

Cancer cells and tumor cells are considered to be the same kind of pathological cells that appear during oncological process . Cancer and tumor cells are not present in the body before the oncological process begins. Cancer cells and their clones are nothing but the result of this process. Oncological process may start in healthy as well as cancerous cells.

Cancer types

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